Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage London

Nuru massage is a breathtakingly sensual experience whereby your tantric therapist will massage your whole body incorporating pressure and strokes from her own body, in turn providing the most tantalisingly erotic experience of a lifetime. 

Getting a nuru massage is like an adventure, involving slippery body-slide erotic sensuality with a stunning professional naked masseuse. This is one of our favourite massages. Our Nuru massages are without a doubt the best you can find across London. With a great team of staff to help you find the perfect therapists and the hottest women in London professionally trained to help relieve your stress and ensure only the greatest of pleasure, we are without a doubt one of the best massage agencies in London.

The nuru massage gel is a non perfumed, clear liquid with a utterly smooth & silky viscosity that’s no chore to wash off; and of course leaves no noticeable residue or smell on your skin or clothing. The Nuru massage gel is derived from a special type of seaweed, named ‘Nuru’ which originates from Japan, meaning smooth/slippery. It is this gel that forms the most essential part of any Nuru massage. It’s even an amazing therapeutic treatment for restoring skin tone and vitality as it provides deep moisturising. 

To prepare for the best nuru massage London has to offer you’re invited to take a quick steamy shower or dip in a hot bath. Of course this is a great preparation for setting such a sensual atmosphere. By helping your muscles to soften you can go into the massage in a completely relaxed state, stress free and ready for an experience you will never forget.

Imagine it. A beautifully lit room of flickering candles and relaxing music with your bodies sliding together effortlessly as your beautiful masseuse caresses your muscles with a range of very deliberate motions and nuru massage techniques that are guaranteed to help you reach a climax you’ve never felt before. Nuru is great for any and everyone so please don’t hesitate to BOOK NOW!