Bath Ritual

This form of massage is a sensual ritual that is based in shared bath with the masseuse. It takes place before the the massage and is an excellent way of preparing for the ultimate pleasure event.Imagine it, the hot water in the bath relaxes your muscles, which is in fact the same treatment professional athletes use before partaking in their sport. The difference between that and what you will experience here is that there will be a breathtakingly stunning women in the bath tub with you making movements to elicit feelings like no other. 

The bath water will be filled with sea salts, soap and aromatic oils which will create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere of comfort. As the aroma fills the air the sensual masseuse will begin. She may sit behind you and start massaging your neck and shoulders. By taking the opportunity to clean every part you her hands will go all over your body to excite sense you probably didn’t even know existed. Of course this will allure you anticipation of the main erotic massage that will take place shortly after.

Of course we can’t forget masseuse herself. Here at Posh Tantric we only take on the hottest and most professional ladies in London to give you the experience of a lifetime. We take pride in supplying an experience you're never gonna wanna forget, so it is important for us to find the right therapist for you. By taking the opportunity to indulge in conversation you have the chance to get to know the masseuse and start to grow an even more intimate relationship. There really is no better way to of building an atmosphere of dreams, filled with pure pleasure and satisfaction. It won’t only mean that when it comes to the main event both you and your masseuse have already built up a romantic and more intimate atmosphere, but when the experience is over you’ll be desperate to come back for more.