The Importance of Cleanliness

Here at Posh Tantric we provide incall and outcall London tantric massage services to gentlemen who are looking for the ultimate for of relaxation. Both services are popular, but the outcall service is perhaps more favored as a result of it's convenience for those who prefer not to go out of their homes. This type of massage means that a masseuse will come to you at your home or a hotel of your choosing. Tantric massage is among a wide selection of massage forms offered at Posh Tantric, the others being nuru massage, prostate, body to body and plenty more; each available for you to choose from.

Our sensual massages are always done naked by a specialist massage therapists who has plenty of experience and knowledge of how to show you how they've mastered the art. When performed in your bed, the sensual experience becomes enhanced, leaving you in a blissful and happy state. One of the main benefits of the masseuses here at Posh Tantric is that they maintain certain standards, cleanliness being one of them. It's pretty safe to say if your chosen masseuse shows up at your door that is visibly unclean, you wouldn’t exactly feel turned on. Likewise, if you are the masseuse, you would surely hope your client to take a shower and prepare themselves clean before you arrive. By each doing so you can go into the experience only having to worry about one thing, how much fun your about to have. There are however, few who are really not aware of their poor hygiene. A London tantric massage should be an enjoyable activity, but many times it can be frustrating because of the issue on cleanliness.

Our tantric massage London therapists always see to being fresh and clean before a massage; however, it is also a responsibility of the clients. While tantric massage does not necessarily involve sexual acts, some of the techniques used in the session focus on a man’s genitals. This is an area that should be clean, otherwise this can make it difficult for a masseuse to enjoy the session, which means her performance won't be at it's best. Some masseuses find some ways to resolve this problem, and one of these ways is share a shower with them before they start the session.

All masseuses are clean when they show up to the house of the client, and they expect that the gentlemen will return this with the same courtesy. Maintaining hygiene for the massage session is a way of showing respect. The efforts made by some gentlemen to clean themselves before their masseuse arrives are greatly appreciated and you will very quickly realsie this once the session begins. If you have any questions, any at all, then don't hesitate to give us a call or simply head to our booking page.