How Much Do You Know About Tantric Massage

This is the type of massage that has become popular because of the many benefits that result from receiving it. While it is often advised to people who need a special kind of relaxation, many individuals do not know what exactly a tantric massage is, how it should be performed, and the benefits that it does for one’s sexual and personal life.

First of all, what is Tantric massage?

Tantric massage as it is done today combines the techniques of traditional massage with sexual energy stored in the 7 chakras, known as the energy centers that are found along the spine. The purpose of the massage is to awaken and release the stored energy and allow it to flow throughout the receiver’s body. Before the Tantric massage is performed, a comfortable atmosphere should be created. Soft lighting, candle lights, soft music, and incense will help set a relaxed and intimate mood. During the session, you will be coached to breathe correctly. This is the breathing technique which is called pranayama, and will improve your overall breathing, exercising capabilities, alertness, and the healing period from diseases and injuries.

As in other massage forms, Tantric massage will relax your body and mind; your emotional pains will subside and you’ll feel less fearful and less guilty after the session. Another possible advantage is that you’ll possibly become more energetic and alert during the day and have a satisfying sleep at night. Tantric massage also can create sexual arousal, both when received by an individual or a couple. This may also heal you from sexual issues such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. As the massage progresses, it will become more personalized, based on the strength of the connection that is created between you and your posh tantric  masseuse, and the required stimulation. Strokes of varying pressures will be applied to the different parts of your body by your massage therapist throughout the massage session. This will be performed in a way that makes you and your masseuse to feel comfortable with each other. Another important thing to remember is that Tantric massage is not meant to be a sexual exercise.

So it should be peaceful and relaxing rather than arousing interest in a sexual activity. The focus should be in creating a sensual mood and aligning the energies on the bodies. The connection between you and your masseuse should be the focal point or the center of attention of the two of you. If the therapist sees that there is a strong connection between you and her when certain spots are massaged, then she will center her attention on this spot longer than she does with other parts of your body. Also, she will observe how you react to the different pressures that she uses, so that she will know how much pressure to apply to really make you relax and not make you feel uncomfortable.Call POSH TANTRIC LONDON and book your tantric massage session.