Health Benefits of a Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is also known as body slide. The term “nuru” is a Japanese word which translates to slippery. Nuru massage is continuously becoming a popular form of erotic massage not only in London, but in the whole world. This form of massage can only be performed with the use of the key ingredient, the nuru gel which is made from Japanese seaweed called Nori. Natural anti oxidants are also a component part of the gel, which when used in the body to body massage will stimulate, tantalize, and tease your senses as you go along. With this massage you can get as wet and wild as you like, and you will never dry up.

The gel is transparent, odorless, and easy to wash off you don’t have to worry about cleansing your body after the session. The massage works best when dimmed lighting, rose petals, scented candles, and soft music have been included. All these and the gel immediately awaken and arouse your senses. You become much more sensitive to every stroke, intensifying the sensations. As your ability for enjoyment is unlatched, your reaction becomes stronger. Nuru massage is a naturist massage, which means that you and your masseuse will both be naked. As she drips the gel over your body and hers, she will use her fingers, hands, toes, feel, breasts and bum in an ultimate body to body sensual manipulation, starting from your neck and back and working the way down to your buttocks and toes. She will explore every inch of your body to allow you gain a new perspective about comfort and intimacy. You both will be working in sync as you take pleasure or delight in having fun together trying not to slip off each other’s body. Nuru massage is much more than about sexuality; it carries with it a great number of health benefits. The nuru gel contains in its formula vitamins and nutrients that can keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

The fatty deposits are disseminated and the occurrence of cellulite is kept at bay. The massage can help improve your circulation. It is extremely good to soothe muscular pains and aches, reduce stress and boost the digestive and immune systems of your body. Who says you can’t enjoy your massage in style? The nuru gel itself is a unique formula that is like no other. Its effectiveness can’t be matched by any other lubricating oils that are ordinarily used in massages. It is designed for you and your masseuse to make a perfect glide while your bodies are in contact with one another. Your skin will feel the gel’s tantalizing texture that feels unbelievably soft. It is not likely to happy that your nuru massage will end in gliding and sliding, but no worries; you can also use the gel as an oil to lessen friction in an ultimate climactic experience. If you have decided that you want to be benefited by the nuru massage, all you have to do is give us a call.