Welcome to Posh Tantric London, we are a dedicated agency providing a leading tantric massage service across the city of London. We understand that living in London can be extremely stressful at times and this is why our agency was created to provide you with the means to relax and embrace your inner sensuality in complete confidentiality.

Posh Tantric London differs from most tantric massage providers in London in that we have dedicated so much time into selecting the most highly trained, talented masseuses. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a standard of service without equal, from genuine masseuses trained by experts in the art of tantric massage. This is why we can guarantee you outstanding service time and time again.

What is a London Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a relatively recent form of erotic massage which uses several elements of a movement known as the neotantric movement. If you’ve head of the term “tantric sex” you will understand that the purpose is to create sexual enlightenment and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Sexuality is sacred and your sexual relationships should be the same. Here at Posh Tantric we understand the power of the ancient tantric principles of Buddhist and Hindu teachings in helping you confront your sexual issues and lead you on your way to better sex and a better understanding of your body.

You may read on several agency websites that tantric massages are part of an ancient practice which has been used amongst the people of Asia for millennia. However, this isn’t quite the case as the actual use of Tantra in a massage context was developed in the 1980s in Germany. This common misconception is a product of the term “Tantra” in and of itself, which comes from a ritualistic religion stemming from the ancient teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tantra uses elements of various schools of massage, even including concepts used in Yoga. An example of this is the idea of combining deep relaxation with a feeling of euphoria and well-being to help you overcome any issues you might be having within your natural sex life. Your role within your massage will be a passive one, with your masseuse taking the lead and using her masterful strokes to help you discover sensual pleasure like never before.

Tell us About Your Experience!

Over the last couple of years we have gained a reputation for consistently outstanding service which we have achieved through tireless work, perfecting every aspect of how our agency runs through listening to our clients and using feedback to learn more about what our clients want. From reviews of our therapists to simple phone conversations on how we can improve your experience, we take everything sincerely and continue to tweak aspects of how we run our agency to ensure you always get the very best service from our masseuses.

We are always looking to expand and this is why we persistently look for ways we can service a larger area with a wider variety of therapies. We currently have a selection of locations we cover which can be found in our drop down menu on our homepage, likewise you can also find a drop down menu of available massage categories here too.

We offer a huge variety of massage techniques, which you can find a short list of below. Just refer to the page for each massage category from our drop down menu and you can read a description of the massage service and what benefits it can have for you on the respective page.

·         Aqua Massage

·         Couples Massage

·         Tantric Massage

·         Nuru Massage

·         Bathing Ritual Massage

·         Body to Body Massage

·         Prostate Massage

Experience Our Sensual Body to Body Massage

One of our most popular massage therapies is the Body to Body massage, which will help you connect on a level far beyond the physical with your charming masseuse as she coats your body in aromatic massage oils and slides her body against yours creating a sensual experience without equal. This massage technique can bring you and your masseuse close together and you can take this feeling and utilise this in your own life to gain an understanding of how your energy can weave with that of your significant other. This of course is just one example of the services we can offer you.

Of course, several of our clients have very busy schedules and often finding the time to book your massage appointment can be the biggest barrier to discovering your inner sensuality. However, for your convenience we have a large selection of outstanding masseuses offering outcall service which means they can meet you in your private residence or your hotel room. Our outcall services include our masseuses bringing equipment to the outcall location to set the mood for your therapy and help you relax so that you can enjoy your service to the fullest, filling the room with only the light from a number of flickering candles and filling the air with the smells of aromatic oils.

Book Your First Tantric Massage Experience Today

Sometimes, it can be easy to find yourself stuck for choice and it can take a considerable amount of time to choose the perfect masseuse for you. This is why we have spent time creating comprehensive profiles which include the following information:

·         The masseuse’s statistics, which include name, age, measurements, bra size, height, languages spoken, hair colour and sexual orientation.

·         The masseuse’s rates, which includes hourly prices for incall and outcall appointments.

·         A description of the masseuse.

·         Recent photographs of the masseuse.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal model masseuse to suit your needs (or simply if you have any questions), just give us a call and speak to our reception team. They are highly trained and know each and every masseuse on our gallery intimately which is why we’re confident they will be able to help you choose the perfect setting for your evening with the perfect masseuse for your needs. If you’re having particular difficulty choosing the right masseuse for you, our reception team can also recommend you a therapist who can cater to your specific requirements.

If you’d like a more discreet way to book, you can use our online booking form which should only be used to make bookings in advance as it can take us up to 24 hours to process bookings through this form. The benefit of this is it means you don’t have to make any suspicious outgoing calls and will only need to confirm the details of your booking over the phone when we get back to you, a much less awkward conversation to have in public than telling us who you’d like to book over the phone.

From all of us at Posh Tantric London we cant wait to make your dreams become a reality.

Diamond xx




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